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[David Francis is] “An 'instantly likable and skillful baritone...”

Rob Lester -  Talkin' Broadway Sound Advice Reviews

[David] "Francis has a voice with elements of casual Dean Martin, hip Michael Franks, and seductive Boz Scaggs." - George Harris, Jazz Weekly

[David Francis possesses] "a smooth, strong voice, a vocal style in the tradition of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and a charming and slightly flirtatious manner." - Barton Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

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David Francis, singer

David Francis on who he sings for and why: “I love entertaining people, sharing an exciting and memorable experience that makes them happy and smile, their bad days better, and their good days special. I sing for people who prefer authentic renditions of traditional pop standards, big band, show tunes, and jazz. They don't lock this music away in some glass case but choose to enjoy it like a fine vintage wine over some bland plonk. They want to experience it with quality in every aspect, from musicianship to stagecraft and storytelling, and not as museum pieces or as self-indulgent 'new takes' they don't enjoy. They see these songs as the soundtrack of their lives. They relate to the stories they tell, the composers and lyricists who created them, and the entertainers whose performances and recordings of them are unparalleled.” - David Francis

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